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Holiday Fun

The holidays are here! Time to cuddle up with some seasonal treats and spend time with family. Check out these awesome resources to help make the most of your holiday season!

Winter Holidays Collection

The holidays may look and feel different for your family this year, but there are still plenty of ways to celebrate. While the holiday season provides a time for us to focus on loved ones, share good food and participate in family traditions, this time can also be a very stressful one for many. Check out these ideas to learn how to simplify holiday stress, entertain your child with snow day activities, and cherish the memories you create with your family.

8 Winter Wonderland Family Activities

Anyone can create their own winter wonderland, with or without snow. Whether you choose to get outside or keep cozy inside, PBS KIDS has plenty of ways for you to enjoy family time in the winter.

Seven Family Time and Learning Tips for the Holidays

Research shows that families who spend quality time together and connect activities at home to what children are learning in school have a stronger emotional bond and better communication—and the kids do better academically.

The holiday season also provides great opportunities to expose children to new ideas and information, reinforce skills and knowledge, and encourage creativity, which supports their success in school.

Eat More Squash

Squash are among the most versatile and affordable veggies. Plus, Almost every part of a squash plant can be eaten, including leaves, blossoms and seeds, although people usually prefer to peel thick-skinned winter varieties.

From Palette to Plate: Fruit and Vegetable Art

Learn how to create an artful masterpiece with fruits and veggies from the garden. All you need are a couple of plates and some fruits and veggies.

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