What is Pollination?

Thanks to bees and their pollinating powers, we have fresh, healthy food to eat all season long. Learn how honey bees help pollinate some of your favorite veggies and fruits.

Waggle Dance

Did you know that bees can communicate through dancing?

When a forager bee finds a good nectar source, she'll fly back to the hive and do something called a WAGGLE DANCE.

This figure-eight style movement tells the location of flower sources around the hive.

The bee "waggles" in a certain angle to show the direction of the source, and for different amounts of time to tell the distance.

The hive feels the dance moves and learns where to go!

Join Phineas and Ferb as they show us the Waggle Dance. Share your best waggle with #GiveBeesAChance!

What some of your food choices would look like in a world without bees...

Like fruit? Thank a bee!

Learn from SciShow Kids about how bees help pollinate some of your favorite fruits!


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