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Dishing on our Healthy Eating Principles

In our Healthy Teachers workshop we talk about making the small changes that are right for you and your lifestyle. A great place to start is with our Healthy Eating Principles. Three simple ways to pack in all the good stuff our bodies need. This month, we are sharing a recipe based on each principle: eat a rainbow of color, eat leafy greens first and eat as close to nature as possible.

Swiss Chard Rainbow Rolls with Peanut Dipping Sauce

Rainbow Roll Ups with Peanut Sauce make eating a rainbow of color especially tasty! If you follow our Healthy Eating Principles, you know that the color of foods indicates the nutrients found in them. Adding a variety of colors to our plate ensures we get the nutrients our bodies need to stay healthy. In this feature recipe, we use swiss chard leaves like a tortilla, wrapping up colorful veggies like a burrito. This is a great time to use up whatever fresh produce you have on hand. We’ve listed a few suggestions, but experiment with what’s in season.

Feed the Future! We're Kicking off the Growing Healthy Kids Campaign!

Feed the future! Our experience in countless schools has shown that when kids have a choice, they choose fresh veggies (no, really!). Help us make more school gardens and salad bars a reality by donating today.

7 Tips for Writing a Stellar Grant Application for Your School Garden Project

If you’re thinking about applying for a school garden grant from Whole Kids Foundation, be sure to check out this list of considerations and tips from some of our actual grant reviewers.

Wholesum Harvest Gives Bees a Chance with Strong Commitment to Organic Farming