David Ramos


As a young child, food was more about necessity than nutrition and education. However, once I started a culinary track in high school, I began paying attention to where my food came from and how it was prepared. Cooking with fresh new ingredients opened my taste buds to a myriad of flavors, hidden in plain sight.

Now, as the Digital Marketing Specialist, I share similar food discovery stories. In our mission to

improve children’s nutrition, Whole Kids Foundation has provided thousands of grants, and grantees are doing extraordinary things with these funds. I share the achievements of grant partners around the U.S., Canada and the U.K., plus, Whole Kids Foundation opportunities and helpful resources too.

Before joining Whole Kids Foundation in 2022, I was the Parent Community Liaison at an Austin, Texas-based public school and successfully engaged with the local community at in-person events and through a digital presence. At Whole Kids Foundation, our ever-growing community is much larger and comprised of schools, families, educators and like-minded partners across multiple state and country borders.

To me, digital communication is a means of making a true connection with someone—no matter the geographical distance. And that’s what we see daily with the Whole Kids Foundation community. Good food brings us together, and digital communication keep us connected.