Cristina Dos Santos

Board Member | Store Team Leader, Canada

I was a camp counselor over six summers and we used to have the kids plant different types of veggies. Getting dirty and having fun was always the best part! It gave the kids an interest in where food came from and what happens during a growing season!

I became a chef because of my love of food. That love came from growing up in a family of farmers, learning from my grandparents how much fun and hard work it was to grow your own food. As I grew, my dad would plant a small garden every summer and now, as an adult, I have my own little plot that I tend to in the summers - it is absolute stress relief!

Working at Whole Foods Market, it is so wonderful to know that we’re building on the simple notion that good food isn’t difficult to come by and should be the norm everywhere! I am proud that Whole Kids Foundation does just that- teaching, inspiring and cultivating new ideas about good, healthy food, everywhere we can!