Nona Evans

Executive Director | Whole Kids Foundation

Up until the time my son was 4, he ate everything. One day, he came home from preschool and for the first time, I heard him say the word YUCK. I asked where he has learned that. “Summer.” He said matter-of-factly. Summer was his best friend, and if she didn’t like something — neither did he! And then, when he was 5, we planted a garden. The boy who once picked anything green out of his food discovered that he loved cilantro — and ate it by the handfuls. In the garden – it was game on for adventurous eating! We’ve continued to follow his interests especially when it comes to cooking together in the kitchen. Kids who cook are kids who taste – and then learn to love new foods. I always remind parents that kid’s taste buds are constantly changing. What they didn’t like last week might become their favorite next week. As discouraging as it can be, continue to offer kids choices – when they have good choices, they will make good choices!