Stephanie Porto

Operational & International Programs Leader | Whole Kids Foundation

When I decided to go back to school to become a dietitian, I wanted to learn the science of what happens in our bodies when we eat. I thought I’d just end up working in a lab, but during my studies it became clear to me that my strongest interests were in public health and pediatric nutrition.

While getting my degree, I served as the research coordinator for a multi-site study on family-based treatment for childhood obesity. The subject we returned to was what kids were eating at school.

Kids spend so much of their time at school, and some of them consume most, if not all, of their meals and snacks there. This means that schools are in a unique position to have a huge impact on a child’s nutrition.

At Whole Kids Foundation, we can help foster better school environments by increasing access to fresh fruits and vegetables, and helping to provide experiences that will teach kids (and their teachers!) about their food and where it comes from, not to mention important lessons in gardening, nutrition and healthy eating.

My role with Whole Kids Foundation includes managing our in-house grant programs, supporting grant recipients, and working with program data and financial reports.

Serving on the Whole Kids Foundation team is an awesome opportunity. It means I’m part of an organization that’s helping schools be their best for the kids who go there — and I’ve seen firsthand just how important that can be.