1. Eat a Rainbow of Colors
  2. Eat Leafy Greens First
  3. Eat as Close to Nature as Possible

Now, let’s get growing! Dig in for activities, recipes and tips that will help plant the seeds of healthy change.

Growing Your Own Greens

We help kids eat better by connecting them to food, sparking their curiosity, and inspiring them to make healthier choices. And there are lots of ways you can too. One fun approach is by growing leafy greens at home with your child.

Why greens? Green vegetables — especially dark leafy greens like kale, spinach, and arugula — are packed with nutrients including fiber. So, greens make you feel full while staying low in calories. And bonus: Greens are easy to grow. (There is no better way to fuel a child’s enthusiasm for tending a garden than to see results quickly!)

Learn three ways to grow greens at home: You can regrow from scraps; start from seeds; or begin with seedings.

Let's Get Growing Activity Booklet

Download the Let's Get Growing activity booklet filled with recipes and tips to get started on making a healthy change!