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Back to School

School is back in session! Ease the transition with checklists to get back into the daily school routines. Stay energized with fun lunch box ideas or after-school snacks and downtime activities.

Back to School Checklist

Help your child prepare for school by practicing skills such as getting ready in the morning, packing a backpack, and knowing transportation plans for getting to and from school each day.

Let’s Cook! Books for Kids about Lunch

Back to school means back to packing lunches or eating school lunches. Lunch is not only an important part of the daily school routine, but also serves as an opportunity for kids to learn how foods are grown and made, to encourage participation in meal planning, and to create enthusiasm for trying new foods. Read on for some favorite books to get excited about school lunch.

Create Cute Veggie Snails

The Kratt Brothers encounter many types of animals on their adventures all over the globe. Even the smallest creatures catch their attention.

Like the Kratt Brothers, you can help your child notice features of snails by making an easy healthy snack with celery, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers and hummus. Point out each feature as you build the creature and find out what your child knows about this critter before they sneak a bite!

Be a School Lunch Hero

It's back to school, and time to get organized! Sticking with a routine and packing lunches, or making a lunch plan, is helpful, even if you are eating at home. Here are some ideas to get started on being your child’s school lunch hero!

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