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Fall into Nature this Season

The air is turning crisp and the seasons are changing. The leaves may fall, but curiosity rises! Discover a bountiful harvest of fall-themed activities that will ignite your child's curiosity for nature and help your family enjoy nature this fall.

Celebrating Fall: Art Projects Using Leaves

Encourage children to celebrate the beauty of fall leaves through art, fostering their creativity, emotional expression, adaptability, and resilience.

Gratitude Greeting Cards

Make time to thank someone special! Download and print gratitude greeting cards for kids to color, fill-in-the-blank and send to friends, families and teachers!

7 Fun Activities to Celebrate Fall

Fall is the perfect time for a nature walk with your child. Depending on where you live, it’s not too hot nor too cold. A nature walk is a great activity for collecting colorful autumn leaves to use for fun fall crafts and games. While walking, look for leaves of different colors, shapes, and sizes. Collecting different types of fallen leaves will help add variety to the crafts you choose. Try to choose freshly fallen leaves — those that are not dry or torn — so that they last longer.

Dig In: Picture Books Celebrating Gratitude

November is a month to keep thankfulness at the top of our minds. There are so many beautiful books for young readers that focus on an appreciation for nature in general, and in particular gardens, food and the people behind them. Here are a few of my favorite picture books for reading at any time of the year, but especially as we approach Thanksgiving celebrations.

Kitchen Science With Fall Leaves

Simple science doesn't just show children things that will happen for sure (like exploding baking soda and vinegar volcanoes), it also teaches them to ask questions, wonder "What will happen if...", and develop an experiment to answer the question. What will happen if you put leaves from your yard in different liquids?

30 Days of Gratitude Calendar

Take a moment this month and create an attitude for gratitude!

Download and print this calendar to list out your answers or complete mindful, kind acts to appreciate what you’re grateful for and help others.

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