United Kingdom Programmes

Whole Kids partners with School Food Matters to bring projects such as Schools to Market, School Garden Grants and the Honeybee Programme to schools in the UK.

Schools to Market

In partnership with School Food Matters and Whole Foods Market stores, students go on a journey from farm to market. School Food Matters exists to teach children about food and to improve children’s access to healthy, sustainable food during their time at school.

Students attend a school assembly to learn more about where food comes from, participate in a chef-led culinary class where they perfect their own chutney recipes using in-season produce. They also visit a farm to harvest the ingredients for their chutney, design labels and price their product.

Garden Grants

Our UK School Garden Grant provides schools with funding to transform outdoor spaces into thriving gardens where students can grow fresh vegetables and fruit. To date, Whole Kids and School Food Matters have awarded over 489,500 GBP in Garden Grants to 311 schools in London! That means there’s a whole lot of tasty veg growing in school gardens across the city.

Honeybee Programme

The Honeybee programme is designed to raise awareness of the vital importance of honey bees in food production and to introduce teachers to the wonders of keeping bees at school. The programme offers several avenues of exploration for schools interested in learning and teaching about keeping bees. Visit School Food Matters for more information.

To learn more about our partners at School Food Matters and our programming available in the UK, visit their website.