The community comes together at Alta Loma Elementary where an asphalt courtyard was transformed into a vibrant garden.

Alta Loma Elementary, located on the east side of Los Angeles is home to more than 500 students. From the outside, the school resembles most others: neat and tidy with a play area and a few portable buildings to accommodate growth.

However, inside the school, you’ll discover what makes Alta Loma unique. It is the school spirit! Led by Principal Ellen DeLeston, the student body recites their creed with such passion that it will literally bring you to tears. The staff, students and parents live the creed.

Evidence of that was unveiled in December 2012 when, in partnership with Enrich LA and other community supporters, Whole Kids Foundation dedicated a new school garden.

Just weeks before, volunteers had removed 60 yards of asphalt to convert a courtyard area into a vibrant school garden!

This project exemplifies a community coming together for our kids. Alta Loma received a $2,000 grant from Whole Kids Foundation in addition to funding from Fox Gives and Whole Foods Market.

Alta Loma Elementary Champions Creed

I am a Winner.
A winner never quits and
A quitter never wins.
I always smile because
I look better and feel better when I smile.
I am always polite and friendly.
I am always clean. My face, hands and body are clean.
My clothes are clean.
My thoughts and spirit are clean.
I am a success in reading, math, in school and on the playground.
I say only good things to others.
I listen only to good things about others.
I pay no attention to things others say about me or my family.
When I believe in myself, I know I can:
* Do what I want to do.
* Be what I want to be.
* Have what I want to have.
I am a helper at home and at school.
I have a voice,
The spirit inside me tells me the right things to do and say.
I never fight. I know it takes courage not to fight.
I am a winner—I am a champion.
Anything the mind can conceive and then believe can be achieved!