Free Cafeteria Tools for Schools!

As part of our mission to improve children’s nutrition and wellness, Whole Kids Foundation supports healthy cafeteria reforms, including the use of more fresh ingredients.

Not only is the cafeteria a place where kids eat, it’s a place where they develop lifelong habits and relationships with food, and a place where children socialize and influence each other to try new things (or not)!

In a typical public school, the lunchroom also may be the only profit center. The Lunch Box makes it easier for schools to continue generating healthy revenue while giving kids healthier options and complying with federal guidelines.

The Lunch Box provides:

  • More than 200 fully scalable, downloadable, and nutritionally analyzed recipes
  • USDA certified menu cycles
  • Resources for food service teams include a wide range of in-depth technical assistance tools and resources ‒ from financial management to procurement and menu planning and much more.
  • The Lunch Box Salad Bar microsite including downloadable resources to plan and implement your salad bar program. Marketing and Lunchroom Education tools to help kids learn the importance of eating a variety of colorful, fresh fruits and vegetables

Hundreds of school districts nationwide are already utilizing this healthy tool.