Come along on our Bee Journey! In partnership with The Bee Cause Project, we’ve developed a clear pathway to support you as you bring bee education to your school or community. Dive deeper into each of the steps with our Bee Program webinar series!

Step 1: Build a Buzzworthy Foundation with Back to School Bee Program Resources webinar

Step 2: Grow your Bee Club Webinar

Step 3 - Community Engagement Webinar

Watch a recording of the Community Engagement Webinar below.

Step 4 - Expand your Imprint Webinar - Q & A with author Shabazz Larkin

Now is the time to apply what we have learned about the bees! One way is to educate others about their many benefits. Shabazz Larkin has done just that in his delightful children’s book ​The Thing About Bees: A Love Letter. ​We discuss his process for writing as well as simple things we can all do to save bees in our own backyards!

Enjoy this student-driven Q & A filled with great conversation, connecting bees with food with art with kids for educators, students, and families to explore.

Step 5 - Welcome Live Bees