Whole Kids Foundation® is on a mission to improve children’s nutrition by supporting schools, inspiring families and empowering kids to make healthier choices. It is an independent 501(c)(3) founded by Whole Foods Market in 2011.

Since then, our shoppers have donated millions of dollars to support these school programs, which include:

  • 5.7 million kids impacted in the U.S., Canada and the U.K.
  • 4,826 gardens
  • 5,430 salad bars
  • 240 educational bee programs
  • 15,000+ teachers who have completed the healthy teachers education program

Bring Healthy to a School Near You!

Customers can donate at the registers at their local Whole Foods Market store, as well as online year-round. Both are quick and easy ways to help Whole Kids Foundation grow healthy kids. Here’s what your contribution can mean to a school:

$2 funds seeds for a school garden $5 funds tongs for a salad bar $50 funds a wheelbarrow $100 funds a raised garden and starter plants $250 funds a complete set of classroom garden tools for a school garden

Bonus: Every dollar you donate goes directly to these programs, since Whole Foods Market covers the foundation's entire administrative expenses.

Helping Out

As part of this year’s Growing Healthy Kids Campaign, Whole Kids Foundation’s supplier partners will contribute more than $1 million spearheaded by lead sponsors Annie’s, Tom's of Maine, Rainier Fruit, Horizon and Spindrift and our core sponsors Applegate, Organic Valley, Cliff Kid, Stonyfield YoKids, Earth's Best, Back to Nature, Barbara’s, Once Upon a Farm, Sir Kensington's, Vital Proteins, Bearitos, Plum Organics.

Every penny of these corporate contributions fuel Whole Kids Foundation’s programmatic work.

Multiply the Family Fun

Support the Whole Kids Foundation mission by simply sharing healthy fun with the kids in your life! Here are three fun and easy ways to get started:

Check out Starting With Soil, a new free interactive app designed for children to discover the importance of healthy soil and see first-hand the harmonious roles that plants, animals and people (even kids!) play in keeping soil balanced so that organic food can grow. Download for free from the App Store or Google Play.

Visit Whole Kids Club, a free online resource full of nutrition inspiration and fun for the whole family. You’ll find hands-on activities, games, easy budget-friendly recipes and book recommendations.

Check the calendar at your local Whole Foods Market for activities to help start healthy conversations at home or in the classroom.

Your donation can help make Whole Kids Foundation programs flourish. Get involved today by donating at the register at Whole Foods Market from September 1-15 or online anytime.