The health of our next generation begins today. One seed at a time. One salad at a time.

When Whole Kids Foundation was established, I had no experience in nonprofit work. I loved kids and knew I had to do everything in my power to make sure our children could reach their fullest potential.

When my son was little, our house was always the place you’d find the gaggle of neighborhood kids. Creating experiences that allow kids to explore is still one of my favorite things. At our house, messes were encouraged in the name of creativity. Because I am a foodie, often those explorations were about ingredients. Mixing flour and water on a play table. Putting a little salt and cream of tartar in and cooking the mix into play dough. Or making flour and egg pasta. I was hooked the moment when kids discovered the food they love doesn’t come from a box or a can…but can be made. Or grown.

Through Whole Kids Foundation’s engagement with schools - we are excited that all kids have the opportunity to learn where their food comes from, have the chance to try new veggies and eat nourishing meals.

When we invest in and engage kids…they grow into young adults with healthy habits that will last a lifetime.

After eight years, 5,711 salad bars, 5,452 gardens, thousands of teachers, over a million travel miles, a few hundred school lunches, and more hugs and heartwarming children’s drawings than I can count — I can confidently say:

  • We’ve built a team of the smartest most committed, passionate people on the planet
  • The approach of engaging kids’ curiosity is our secret sauce
  • Kids really do love veggies if we give them the chance!

With your ongoing support, we promise to keep working one kid at a time to grow well-nourished bodies and minds that grow into a healthy next generation.

And in the words of one of our favorite gardening kids, “Planting just one seed can make a big difference." — Sally. Meet Sally here.

Love & veggies,

Nona Evans is the founding Executive Director of Whole Kids Foundation.