For every bag of RightRice you purchase between April 3-April 30 at Whole Foods Market, 10% will go towards Whole Kids Foundation’s School Garden Grants and Salad Bars to Schools programs. We want to nurture their young, bright minds by helping to fuel their active bodies. Here’s to making kids’ nutrition right-er!

About RightRice: Rice made Right-er from Vegetables.

RightRice is a breakthrough rice grain packed with the power of vegetables. Our grain-ovation is a delicious blend of lentils + chickpeas + green peas + rice that is packed with more than 2X the protein, 5X the fiber, and almost 40% fewer net carbs than a bowl of white rice. It’s delicious nutritious, and easy to cook.

RightRice is rice. Made right-er. To learn more, please visit