If there’s one thing we’ve learned after all these years, it’s how to spot a good egg.

We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with Vital Farms for the end-of-year giving season. Now through December 31st, they’re helping us raise funds for school salad bars and gardens by doubling every dollar given, up to $10,000. We’re thankful and humbled to have such an incredible partner who shares our vision for real food and healthy eating.

Vital Farms believes the best eggs come from hens who are happy and healthy, with plenty of room to run around and do their chicken-y thing. Pastured hens get a naturally varied diet from foraging year-round. That means lots of bugs and grass, for the sunniest yolks you’ve had the pleasure of eating. Vital Farms calls it “Girls on Grass” and the difference it makes in their signature Pasture-Raised Eggs is, well, eggstraordinary. They’re also tireless supporters of organic agricultural practices and animal welfare and are on a mission to help more family farms convert from industrial practices.

Just like us, Vital Farms has a vision for a healthier future, and they’ve made it their mission to embrace a more natural world, one hen at a time.

Bonus: every gift of $25 or more enters you for a chance to win a year of those eggs, free! Donate here!