Wholesum Harvest is a third-generation family farm, growing certified organic vegetables in Arizona and northern Mexico. Using cutting-edge technology to utilize farming practices that will leave the land in better condition for the next generation, Wholesum Harvest is a valued partner in our Give Bees A Chance campaign.

Organic farming is a key contributor to protecting our pollinators. Seventy-five percent of the top 100 crop species rely on insect pollination to survive - which is why pesticides used in conventional farming are a grave threat to pollinators. Wholesum is a leader in promoting organic and sustainable methods - a hero to our honeybees!

The good folks at Wholesum Harvest aren’t just implementing organic practices - they’re investing in innovation. Using tactics like industry-leading container-growing technology, water recirculation strategies, and controlled environment barriers, Wholesum Harvest is knocking down hurdles that prevent other farms from adopting sustainable practices. The more farms who find it feasible to go organic, the better off our bees and food system will be!

The Wholesum Harvest family isn’t only an ally to honeybees, they are also a Fair Trade-certified farm with a firm commitment to equitable pay and safe working conditions for all employees. They’ve committed to help educate other growers in certified organic practices, corporate responsibility and fair-trade certification. We’re proud to partner with our friends at Wholesum Harvest, and thrilled they’ve signed on to support our Honey Bee Grant Program!

Click here to learn more about Wholesum Harvest and their responsible approach to farming.

And, if you’d like to help support our pollinator friends, check out our Give Bees A Chance campaign that celebrates National Pollinator Month in June. Through the generosity of our partners like Wholesum Harvest and individual donors, our goal is to raise $100,000 with 100% of funds generated supporting educational honey bee hives for schools and nonprofits across the nation.