You are ‘POP’ular! While Foresters Financial™ is boldly redefining the life insurance industry, Whole Kids Foundation and Whole Cities Foundation are disrupting the food system making healthy food more accessible in the U.S., UK and Canada. Together, we are granting schools and organizations with funds and volunteers to support school gardens, urban farms, and edible learning spaces. Partnerships like ours plant the seeds of change.

How to Plant Your Seed Pop

Recipe Inspiration

After you get growing, discover a new recipe to add to your menu.

Let's Get Growing

We help kids eat better by connecting them to food, sparking their curiosity, and inspiring them to make healthier choices. Explore ways you can grow your own greens and at-home garden tips, including a free downloadable activity booklet.

Bees and Our Food

Since one in three bites of food is made possible by pollinators, they are crucially important to the future of our food. Learn how honey bees help to grow some of your favorite foods and steps you can take to protect these insect MVPs.