Foresters Financial is quietly redefining the life insurance and individual savings industry across the U.S., Canada and UK by enriching the lives, communities, and overall well-being of its members. Giving back to local communities via its members is a fundamental element of its operating model. In 2019, Foresters contributed $11 million to local communities and mobilized 94,000 volunteers, who collectively gave 5,000 hours of their time – equal to a full six months of 24-hour days. Agents and members alike appreciate the turnkey-decisioned product offerings and end-to-end digitized processes that make it easy to get life insurance without traditional medical exams. State-of-the-art mobile tools help agents deliver tailored plans to prospective and current members.

Dedicated to its members’ well-being, Foresters offers a suite of member benefits and is redefining the conventional life insurance model, bringing improved financial security and overall wellness to everyday North American families. Foresters recently merged with Canada Protection Plan to become a leading life insurance distributor in Canada. Foresters Financial is the trade name for The Independent Order of Foresters, the oldest non-denominational fraternal benefit society. For 20 straight years, The Independent Order of Foresters has received an “A” (Excellent) rating from A.M. Best.

Partnership FAQ

The Foresters Financial volunteer day will be held on Saturday, June 3rd at the school/organization’s educational growing space. The time of the event and the rainy-day plan will be determined by the organization and the local Foresters Member Coordinator.

Once you decide that this type of support is a good fit for your school/organization, our partners at Farm to Cafeteria Canada will connect you to your local Foresters Member Coordinator who will be your point person for the event. We will hold an introductory call where we will determine the event details. All projects should be confirmed at least 10 weeks prior to the event to allow adequate time to plan.

Please note we are all very flexible and understanding of any COVID-19 safety measures that your school/organization may be taking.

Once we have confirmed a volunteer project at your school/organization, our partners at Farm to Cafeteria Canada will supply the grant to you before the event

The grant is intended to purchase materials to complete the project for the volunteer event and any unused funds can be used as ongoing support of the garden.

If you have any questions, please contact Ashley Reinhardt at

Yes, directly following the event please complete our post-event survey and send a few high-resolution pictures that can be shared publicly in our channels and press releases. Please submit the images to and include the name of your school/organization and the date of your event.

This is a one-time, in-person, family-friendly volunteer event for 15-25 Foresters members. Events should be approximately 2-3 hours long.


There are plans for some media pitching in a few markets. Your school/organization may be contacted by us to request the presence of media ahead of or during the event. We never know ahead of time if the story will be picked up or if media outlets will make it out to an event. If they come out, they are likely to want b-roll footage of your campus, interviews with event/school leadership. Please ensure this is a right fit for you and your school community and let us know immediately if this poses any challenges so that we may address them ahead of any request.

After the event, we ask that you share a few high-resolution pictures that can be shared publicly in our channels and press releases. Please submit the images to Please include the name of your school or organization and the date of your event:

Ex. WholeKids_01012022(Austin)1, WholeKids_01012022(Austin)2, WholeKids_01012022(Austin)3

Tips for a Successful Event

  1. Have a lead for the day of the event so volunteers know who can address their questions.
  2. Communicate with volunteers during the event so they are always in the loop.
  3. Get volunteers pumped and help them get to know your organization and its’ needs.
  4. Match their talents with responsibilities. Be sure to have clear responsibilities when volunteers arrive so that they can get right to work.
  5. Share your event's success and encourage volunteers to do the same. Use our messaging toolkit below to help share it in your social channels.
  6. Say thank you! Be sure to thank volunteers for their time.