Explore ideas for volunteer activities below and discover more resources to create your own unique and localized activities. If you host an event, we'd love to know - send us your photos and event ideas to whole.kids@wholefoods.com.

Activity Ideas

Connect Team Members to the important role growing food plays in community sustainability and children’s nutrition. The finished seed balls can be donated to a local school or nonprofit to support a healthy pollinator habitat.

Download the instruction postcard here.

Download the tube wrapper here.

Honey tastings can help Team Members understand the vital role that pollinators play in our food supply... especially at the grocery store! Help make the connection between both Whole Cities work (urban farming, community gardens, etc.) and Whole Kids (pollinator education) to build knowledge with family, friends and the community.

Use the included kit flashcards when you host a honey tasting or seed ball making event to educate Team Members about pollinators.

Download digital copies here.

Every hive needs a healthy habitat! Adapt the “Bee a Friend to Pollinators” lesson plan created for students to teach Team Members about establishing a pollinator-friendly space around the store, their neighborhood or backyard.

Additional Resources

  • Free Pollinator Education materials are available here.
  • Schools are eligible to apply for Whole Kids Bee Grants each fall here. More than 700 schools in the U.S., Canada and the U.K. are currently hosting hives.
  • Discover the World of Honey Bees with your family and friends here.
  • Check out our grant programs to find key dates here.

Ways To Get Involved

  • Donate to Whole Kids and Whole Cities directly from your paycheck in Workday.