Planning a Group Volunteer Activity

Volunteering with your team is an amazing way to bond and learn more about the community and each other. A few tips:

  1. Ideally, you’ll plan at least three months out - that means you can communicate at the pace of the organization you are working with. Remember their full-time job is not event planning for you - you’re offering service of your time and they will need to plan to make the most of it.
  2. Planning a few months in advance will allow you to ask the organization what time and dates work best for THEM…and then schedule your team build around that component.
  3. You might encounter an organization that charges a fee per volunteer - this is not uncommon. This is one way organizations are able to staff events that offer deep meaning for your group while still accomplishing their day-to-day work.

Gather Your Team

  • Tip! Share out the details to your group either by printing and posting a note by a timeclock, texting or emailing everyone. Some people also enjoy creating their own Facebook event for the volunteer day and invite volunteers to join them there.
  • Create or download an in-store volutneer sign up sheet to hang by timeclocks and in logbooks.
  • Make sure to provide volunteers with a "day of" contact phone number for any questions.

Connecting with Our Partner Organizations

You are welcome to use our grant recipient database to find a school near you that has received WKF support. Reaching out by phone can be a good place to begin - request to speak with the garden or volunteer coordinator.

Volunteering at Schools

One of our school's jobs is to keep our kids safe. They take security very seriously. At this time, we do not recommend volunteering at a local school and instead, reach out to local youth organizations that are staffed to support volunteer events.

Our Community First Partners are a wonderful way to experience locally lead solutions to food access and nutrition education in your community. You can find a list of organizations we have supported here. We recommend reaching out to the Team Member who nominated the organization to coordinate a volunteer activity. Search through Team Members by grant year here.

Having the following information ready will help you in planning the best experience:

  • How many people will participate? Are physical accommodations needed?
  • When would you like to volunteer? Month? Days of the Week? Time of Day?
  • How much time can you spend? Four hours is usual
  • How will people arrive? Need for individual parking or bus parking
  • What is the geographic radius you can consider?
  • Keeping the weather in mind – is outdoor work okay or are you hoping for something indoors?
  • Are there any allergies or special needs - relevant if a food activity or garden-based (bee allergies).

Get Started

Inspire your fellow Team Members by hosting your own volunteer event! Help Team Members learn more about Whole Kids and Whole Cities' work to take action and get involved.

Explore ideas for volunteer activities and discover resources to create your own unique and localized activities.

Volunteering in Austin, TX

If you're a Global Team based in Austin, we have some great partners that host standing volunteer days to join. Austin’s Public Radio Station (KUT) also has a Get Involved feature where they spotlight a different organization using volunteer support each month. Check out this link for information and stories!

Austin Organizations with Regular Volunteer Opportunities:

* Recent grant recipients.