Healthy Teachers Inspire Healthy Kids!

Teachers with more knowledge about nutrition and healthy eating can not only lead happier, healthier lives–they can be stronger role models for our kids and be better advocates for school wellness policies.

This free two-hour nutrition and cooking class is designed to transform staff wellbeing through inspiration. It is a fun, interactive class that breaks down simple nutrition into digestible information that everyone can use.

This class covers:

  • Basic principles of eating a whole foods diet
  • Tips for shopping economically while still making healthy choices
  • Healthy cooking demonstrations and recipes

This is not a diet program, but an open concept to basic nutrition that fits everyone!

Take the free online course

This program is available online at the Institute of Child Nutrition. It’s free, takes about 2 hours to complete, and you get credit towards professional development. Learn from experts including chefs, doctors and dietitians, in 13 lessons to follow at your own pace.

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Why Should You Become a Healthy Teacher?

% of teachers who apply concepts from class to their own lives
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% of teachers say they will cook a recipe presented in class